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What is company?
Company is a performance opportunity for ages 5-18 for all dancers enrolled in New Dance Workshop. It allows dancers the opportunity to perform 4-6 times a year in the community.


Where do the companies perform?
Montgomery Mall, fall festivals, nursing homes- Abramson Center, Iron Pigs, Sixers, and our very special Choreographer's Concert where each company creates their own dance as a group, Doylestown Memorial Day Parade, Disney World


What is the audition process?
All dancers attend the audition which is a fun afternoon at the studio learning a group dance.


Does my child have to perform a solo at the audition?

If my dancer is already in company, do they have to audition again? Yes


Does every dancer make a company?
Yes, as we place all dancers in the appropriate level.


Why should my dancer join company?
Dance Company allows the dancers a chance to perform throughout the year. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem through a wonderful dance education.

Dance Company
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